Re-building Concrete Deck Pylons In The Bay

This daunting reconstruction project seemed unfathomable at the start. A multi-million dollar Tiburon home required a full reconstruction of the concrete pylons for its outdoor deck and a good portion of its living room. This was all to occur while a daily tide submerged the pylons in approximately 8 feet of water. The project also had to be mindful of a protected waterfowl species which claimed this portion of the bay for its feeding ground, requiring work to be temporarily halted in mid-stream.

The project required a new stairwell be built to the worksite from street-level so that all materials and debris to and from the site could be manually hauled up and down the stairs. The entire home was temporarily girded with industrial-strength wooden crates while the existing concrete pylons were destroyed. New, re-bar enforced pylon were then fixed deep into the bedrock and constructed with new concrete – again, all while a daily tide pulled 8 feet of water in and out from under the deck. The workmen created makeshift stands in and around the site in order to make maximum use of a workday which was routinely cut short by the tide.

After 3 months of intense physical labor and remarkable ingenuity, the new constructed pylon were fixed to the deck and first floor of the home. This work has given many years of new life to this home and peace of mind to the family who owns it.